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How many is too many?

Blogs that is…how many is too many blogs?  I decided I needed some new blogs to follow. So I casually started surfing the web–2 hours and about 30 blogs later I couldn’t stop. Each amazing Media/Library blog led me to another amazing blog (darn blogrolls!).  

This wave of additions to my Google Reader got me thinking that my Reader could use some sprucing up. I went through and reorganized my favorite blogs into folders and then discovered “Bundles”. Eureka, I can share my folders with the world! So, I have added a tab on the top of this blog “Blogs I Follow” where you can check out what blogs I follow (I know, very creative labeling). Just another discovery on a hot summer afternoon 🙂

PS. I’m kind of a Google Reader evangelist, so if you don’t have a reader or don’t know what a reader is, click here to watch a great video explaining Google Reader in Plain English.


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New Subscription Options

My mom just inspired me to conquer another technology hurdle: How to add a Subscribe link through FeedBurner.  I finally shared my blog with my family, and my mom wanted to know how she could keep up on my blog without having to check it all the time. I didn’t want to try to explain subscribing and Google Reader over the phone so my solution: Email Feed.  Edublogs makes you have a paid account to include a “Subscribe by Email” button, but I already pay for TWO blogs for school, and I’m just not ready to pay for another one.  Anyway, by burning my feed to FeedBurner (Another great Google tool, I’m such a Google Girl) I can include a Subscribe button and an Email Subscribe box. Mom will have no problem typing in her email address to subscribe! So go ahead and subscribe using whatever option works best for you!

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