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How many is too many?

Blogs that is…how many is too many blogs?  I decided I needed some new blogs to follow. So I casually started surfing the web–2 hours and about 30 blogs later I couldn’t stop. Each amazing Media/Library blog led me to another amazing blog (darn blogrolls!).  

This wave of additions to my Google Reader got me thinking that my Reader could use some sprucing up. I went through and reorganized my favorite blogs into folders and then discovered “Bundles”. Eureka, I can share my folders with the world! So, I have added a tab on the top of this blog “Blogs I Follow” where you can check out what blogs I follow (I know, very creative labeling). Just another discovery on a hot summer afternoon 🙂

PS. I’m kind of a Google Reader evangelist, so if you don’t have a reader or don’t know what a reader is, click here to watch a great video explaining Google Reader in Plain English.


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Share it Forward: Teachers I Admire

This week for Share it Forward I’m going to pass along some of the blogs and websites of teachers I admire!

1. Beth Newingham:

Have you checked out Beth’s blog lately?! Wow. This teacher inspires me and makes me want to keep working and blogging…maybe someday I’ll have resources and experiences that will be worth sharing 🙂 I love that this year she is posting a Top Ten list each month, and she is clearly not just throwing these lists together! Each one is full of links, ideas, resources and other materials that make this nerdy teacher green with envy.

You also should NOT overlook her website: How does she have time for all of this?! Love it.

2. Angela Bunyi:

Angela’s classroom library and resources are amazing. Her blog is FULL of ideas for reading and writing workshop and she tells it like it is, something that I really appreciate! Seriously, her blog is worth reading and go back into her archives, all her ideas are relevant and awesome.

3. Two Writing Teachers:

This has been an invaluable blog as I’ve started using Writing Workshop in my classroom this year…or at least my version of Writing Workshop. These two exceptional writing teachers share ideas and stories from the trenches of teaching writing as well as encouraging teachers to be writing themselves! You must check out their tabs at the top with quotes and tools. This blog is worth adding to your reader!

When I was writing this post I also discovered that The Two Writing Teachers have a website! (I usually read them from my reader, so sometimes I miss things!) This will be a new go-to resource for me! Everything is so organized and user friendly!

So there you have it, three blogs that I read on a regular basis and scour for ideas! There are about 60 other blogs that Google Reader brings me, but those can wait for another day 🙂

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What did you learn today?

As I chatted with my brother on the phone last night he asked me a simple, but pointed question. I was telling him about the Master’s class I’m taking online, and he asked, “But you can’t really get a lot out of an online class can you?” I very defensively described the positive aspects of my online master’s program, and also explained the most important change that working on my Master’s has provided: It has turned me into an active learner. My classes have exposed me to a vast number of resources and technologies that I never would have discovered on my own. But even more than that, it is teaching me how to actively read, reflect and seek out new information and ideas. I now subscribe to over 20 blogs on a variety of subjects, and while I certainly don’t read every post, I look forward to going through my Google Reader every day. Before I started my Master’s program, I considered myself pretty Tech saavy…and yes, I was probably above average when it came to overall nerdyness, but now I am constantly reading about new technologies and finding new ways I can change, update, and improve my pedagogy. So, here is my question, “What did you learn today?”

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