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I’m always looking for new blogs to follow…remember my teacher motto: BEG. BORROW. SHARE.? Well, blogs are the epitome of begging, borrowing and sharing! So, I thought I would share my blogs with YOU. Some bloggers share in the form of “Blogrolls” but my list would be to looooong so I discovered “Bundles” in my Google Reader (I love how I am always discovering new things in Google– GOOGLE LOVE!)

Technology Blogs

Media Specialist/Library Blogs

General Teaching Blogs

*Got a recommendation for a blog I should follow? Leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to check it out!


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    Charity said,

    I know it’s a shameless plug, but you did ask. 🙂 How about The Organized Classroom Blog?

    • 3

      aoelschlager said,

      I checked out your blog…wow, you have a WEALTH of information, ideas and your organizedness (pronounced organize-ed-ness 🙂 is something that I am very jealous of and aspire to. I have already added your blog to my personal reader and therefore I can also add it to my list! Thanks for sharing and reading!

      Amy the Nerdy Teacher

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