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I’m an avid collector of good quotes–funny, poignant, inspirational–I love them all.

  • Here’s one that I came across today while reading for my master’s class:
    • “Integrating ICT [Information and communication Technology] into the school without pedagogical change is like harnessing a jet engine to a horse-drawn carriage.”
  • Will Richardson’s reaction to a teacher who said that his students didn’t have access to Internet and handheld devices:
    • “…lack of access was offered not as a problem to solve but as a reason for inaction, an excuse to maintain the status quo…We say we want our kids to be problem solvers, but all too often, when faced with the challenges of a changing educational landscape, we don’t offer solutions. Instead, we offer excuses as to why we shouldn’t solve the problem, why it’s better to just keep on keepin’ on.” (Weblog-ed)
  • Another interesting quote from my Master’s class reading:
    • “In many ways school are like supertankers: A change of direction requires a considerable amount of forward planning before it takes effect.”

  • Here is the transcript of a conversation I had with a first grader at lunch last week that shows how racial issues even effect what we eat in the cafeteria 🙂
    • Me: Bing, you need to eat your Spanish rice.
    • Bing: Miss, I’m not Spanish!
    • Me: You don’t have to be Spanish to eat the Spanish rice!
    • Bing: Do you know why I drink chocolate milk?
    • Me: Why?
    • Bing: Because I’m brown!
    • Me: Well I drink chocolate milk and I’m not brown, is that ok?
    • Bing: Whatever your head tells you!



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