How many is too many?

Blogs that is…how many is too many blogs?  I decided I needed some new blogs to follow. So I casually started surfing the web–2 hours and about 30 blogs later I couldn’t stop. Each amazing Media/Library blog led me to another amazing blog (darn blogrolls!).  

This wave of additions to my Google Reader got me thinking that my Reader could use some sprucing up. I went through and reorganized my favorite blogs into folders and then discovered “Bundles”. Eureka, I can share my folders with the world! So, I have added a tab on the top of this blog “Blogs I Follow” where you can check out what blogs I follow (I know, very creative labeling). Just another discovery on a hot summer afternoon 🙂

PS. I’m kind of a Google Reader evangelist, so if you don’t have a reader or don’t know what a reader is, click here to watch a great video explaining Google Reader in Plain English.


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    Tiffany said,

    I am so glad to hear that you found a job closer to home, but I am sure Keene was sad to see you go! You are a fantastic teacher! I will definitely be following you on your blog! I love all of the book suggestions and great ideas! Thanks so much for the scope & sequences! I will keep in mind that they are flexible. I just wanted to let you know that I got the Morning Meeting book & The 1st Six Weeks of School as well. I will be keeping in touch! Thanks so much for everything!
    Tiffany Biggs

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