Measurement 7: Discovering Capacity

Remember way back when I collected containers to teach capacity? Well I ended up with a GIGANTIC garbage bag full of milk cartons, shampoo bottles, juice containers, and water bottles and we finally used them.  I wish I would have taken a picture of all the containers arranged on my table, categorized  into baskets, you would have been impressed 🙂 I divided my kiddos into groups of 3-4 and gave them a pep talk about this being a DISCOVERY and that they would need to stretch their minds and work together. Whew, they have a tough time with this concept, but in the end they did a great job with this discovery.

First things first, here is the page from the measurement packet:

Discovering Capacity

Here is the activity:

1. Every group started out with a gallon of water, a dishpan to help with the mess factor, and a funnel (they have them 3/$1 at Dollar Tree right now!)

2. Their task was to try to figure out how many ounces, cups, pints, quarts and half gallons are in a gallon…and then to figure out everything in between. How did they do this? They picked containers from the baskets and tried to figure it out!

3. When they figured out one, they traded in their container and tried to figure out another one.

Turkey baster=1 ounce!

Everyone in the group was important for this activity...and do you see her holding up her fingers to count? There were many do-overs because they fogot to count 🙂

This was a fantastic activity for critical thinking…my heart warmed when one of my girls ran up to me and said, “Miss, we figured out how many cups is in a quart, so we can just multiply now, huh?” Woohoo!! Did they get all the answers perfectly? No. But did they have a better understanding of capacity and the relationship between units? YES, YES, YES!!

Ps. If you are tired of measurement…an end is in sight because it is SPRING BREAK next week! Who knows what I will find to blog about when I don’t have my little darlings all day long 🙂

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