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You know you’re a teacher when:

I started this list during the summer…and now I have some pictures to go along with it, so I will finally post it! I’m sure I will have many more items to add to it, and you might too!

You know you’re a teacher when:

-You know what Flair pens are and you wish you had an unlimited supply in every color.

-You find yourself looking at odd pieces of trash and junk and wondering what you could do with this in your classroom.

-You bring your odd pieces of trash and junk to your classroom and do something with it!

-Your beginning of the year budget begins cutting into your grocery budget.

-You know exactly when the Dollar Tree gets in their shipment of new Teacher Tree supplies and/or the schedule of when  Target switches out their dollar spot!

-You have had to leave the room or turn around so you could LAUGH OUT LOUD about something one of your kids said…then couldn’t remember what it was later.

-If you’ve ever told your family, “Don’t throw that away when it’s empty, I’m going to _____ with it!” (Use it for storage, in a capacity lesson, as an art project)

It is measurement time in 4th grade, capacity measurement time, that is. Me: Do not throw away ANY containers, I need them for school. (And yes, that is an overflowing box of containers right next to my laundry basket)

Our school milk containers are exactly 8 Fluid Ounces, how convenient for learning about capacity! Me: No one throw away your milk cartons, I need them for science.

What else were dishwashers made for?


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